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Award Recipients of the Kuvin Foundation Traveling Fellowship in Health and Science:


Daniel Limonta completed his Kuvin Traveling Fellowship in July 2014 after spending two months at the Kuvin Center for the Study of Infectious and Tropical Diseases in Jerusalem. He is an enthusiastic medical virologist who is fascinated by novel research challenges. Daniel studied the evolution of viruses in ancient human tissues and in leishmania parasites. He has just completed his PhD program at the Pedro Kouri Institute of Tropical Medicine (IPK) in Havana, Cuba. Please feel free to contact Daniel - 

Liza Plafsky used the Traveling Fellowship to study epidemiology and public health at the Braun School of Public Health at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She participated in the Community-Oriented Primary Care (COPC) program and work on integrating public health with clinical care. In 2013, Liza spent 10 months working in a pediatric AIDS/HIV clinic in Tanzania. She received her undergraduate degree from Columbia University and is currently a first-year medical student at the University of Miami.

To find out the details of Liza's experience in Jerusalem, read her blog HERE

Zach Silver studied malaria at the Kuvin Center in Jerusalem. Prior, he completed a 10-month Fulbright Fellowship in India working in community health. Zach received his undergraduate degree from Tufts University and is currently enrolled in an MD / PhD program at the University of Miami.

To find out the details of Zach's experience in Jerusalem, follow his blog HERE

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